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I felt bad for this kid, he looked like all the air in his world had been sucked out of him and that he couldn’t catch his breath. He was a good looking kid, who was getting ready to start his junior year of college and should have his entire future in front of him, but what I was seeing was a kid (he wasn’t a kid, he was an adult, but his expression made him look like a kid) who was scared that his life was going down a path that he never anticipated. 

            “Just take a breath,” I told him, “and let’s go over this from the beginning.” 

It was listening to his story that made me feel for this kid and knew that as his attorney I could help him. 

Here is his story:

            It was a crazy night at the end of last semester. We were all stressed from finals and I had taken my last final for the semester and I was in that week with no responsibility before I had to move out of the dorms. A couple of my buddies wanted to go out and I was in an absolute mood to drink and dance. I was doing well in college and I was starting to figure out my path, what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, but I was still young, I was still single and I was truly having the time of my life. 

            We had gone to a couple of bars close to campus, the type of bar that you start out your night, but you hope to never stay or end up at. They were pretty dead as a lot of kids still had finals ahead of them, so we decided to head to the Library. It was a local club that was known to get busy regardless of the night and it was where we usually ended up. Once we walked through the door and before we even got to the bar to order our first drink, that was when I saw her.       

            It was like a movie scene. The crowd parted to the dance floor and there she stood, this beauty queen, just dancing to the music in her head, not necessarily what was playing from the band. You couldn’t, not see her, but not because of the dancing, but by her absolute beauty. Everyone in the place was looking at her, and I think almost every guy and probably most girls wanted to be the one to dance with her. I couldn’t’ take my eyes off her and I didn’t think she saw me as I headed to the bar to get a drink. 

            As me and my friend were crossing the dance floor, the next thing I knew she was right in front of me. She said I was the one that would dance with her and even though I felt like I couldn’t breathe, that was the last time that I saw my friends. We danced all night and I am sure every eye in the place was on us as we danced the night away. We left the club and I walked her home, perfect gentleman, and left her with just a little kiss. 

            We went on a few dates and had a good time together and usually ended up the night dancing. We always had fun dancing and to be truthful, I liked that people would watch us dance. She had a way she moved and a look that was just memorizing. You couldn’t help but stare at this woman. 

            As it got closer to the time to move out, I realized that when I went home that we wouldn’t really get a chance to see each other over the summer. I told her that I had a really good time the past few weeks and I thought we had parted ways, but I think that was where I went wrong. When I go home that summer, I told my friends and my parents about the last weeks of the semester and they all looked at me like I was crazy. My friends were telling me to be careful because if I broke her heart, you don’t know what to expect. My parents were telling me, especially my mother, who seemed overly cautious with how quickly we became intertwined because as she put it “be careful who you love” and that “a lie can become the truth.”

            Despite all of that, I was looking forward to getting back to college, honestly, not because of classes but because of her, I was hoping we would get to pick up where we left off. That was when my life completely changed. I wasn’t even on campus for 2 days when I got a call from her to meet her. I was shocked when I walked into the coffee shop to meet her, to see her sitting there and completely changed. It was obvious that she was pregnant, and I asked her what happened, she confirmed it and said that I WAS THE FATHER!!! We hadn’t even had sex before we left and we hadn’t had sex over the summer because we hadn’t seen each other, but she was adamant that I was the father of this child. I told her that it wasn’t possible, but she said I was the one. 

            “What do I do?” he asked, he looked like he was going to cry. 

            “Don’t worry” I said, “the law can help you in this situation.” 

            He just looked at me with relief, but still in shock, shaking his head and trying to either assure me or himself that Billie Jean wasn’t his lover.